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When faced with life struggles, ECW desires to help you find Christ-centered solutions while also providing opportunities for learning and growth. We have people who can meet with you short-term, or we can refer you to an appropriate professional. We also offer pre-marital counseling for couples getting married within our church.

Please contact ECW if you are interested in setting up an appointment or need a referral to a professional counselor.

Prayer Partners

Being matched with another person of the same gender offers opportunities for people to support one another through personal connections and prayer. If you want to know more about this unique ministry, please click here.


God’s design for marriage and the family is to create a safe environment where members can grow in their love for the Lord and one another. Physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse are NOT part of His design for marriage and family and go against everything that God wants for relationships. Submission does not mean that one person can use threats, insults, intimidation or violence to force a person to submit. Submission is mutual and is about loving and honoring one another. See Ephesians 5:21-6:4 for a biblical portrait of family.

If you or someone you love may be in an abusive relationship please contact a pastor or call one of the numbers below. In an emergency always call 911 first.

Domestic Violence Resources

San Diego Domestic Violence Hotline 1-888-385-4657 24 hours, bilingual, confidential, DV shelter bed availability, counseling referrals, batterer’s treatment information, safety planning. Referrals may be provided for a services in every region of the County

• Advocacy Legal Advice: 619.697.647